Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Hotel Service Recovery Initiatives

If you've read an article in an international journal about service recovery from disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, you'll probably agree with the observations of one group of scientists who described efforts to recover lost hotel services as a fruitless, back-breaking mission. The report concluded that recovery efforts should focus on human resources, rather than on infrastructure. Some might say

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Modern Luxury Hotels in Lagos

Welcome to an entirely new concept of modern hospitality in modern times. Once you arrive at Nigerian hotel, Noom Hotel Niamey for instance, you'll notice exceptional quality services like infinity swimming pool, mouth-watering cuisines and attentive service from the highly professional staff. The hotel is open for business all the days and hours. Contact is always possible through telephone, internet

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Hotel Service Failure And The Psychology Of The Event

The relationship between hotel service failures and customer complaints boils down to the issue of "social context." This research finds that those with high moral identity centrality do not tend to engage in social disengaging negative emotions, specifically of the self-serving variety, when their ethical moral judgment of the client's behavior is stronger. Yet even these people may engage in

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Choosing a Hotel and Residence

It's a common sense approach to choosing a hotel and residence, as most people are not very concerned about their travel and lodging arrangements. It is the rooms in the hotel and the other services that will have an impact on your decision-making. The first consideration is what type of rooms are offered at the hotel or the residence. If it's

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Hotels and Residences

A Hotel and Residence are an arrangement made for the stay of people who have bought a house or property and want to shift from one place to another temporarily. It usually includes all the basic amenities of a hotel such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, sleeping quarters and any additional rooms in the hotel. In some cases it

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