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Challenges Faced By Hotels In The Modern City

Two good examples of the usefulness of a hotel service company are the example of two competing hotels located in different regions. In case one is struggling with the other, this will be an opportunity for a competitive edge. In case both are successful, there can be synergies that result in more profits, better service, and a boost in hotel revenue. It is in such cases where a third party can be of great value.


The first case study relates to two hotels located in two different cities in the same state. Both have similar problems with the common problem of over crowding. However, the problems of each hotel differ in some aspects. This will be an opportunity for a competitive edge by either one of the hotels through their expertise in the field of property management. The third party will be responsible for carrying out the necessary repairs that will ensure both hotels operate at optimal levels.

The second case study relates to a situation where one of the cities has an economic downturn, and the other is experiencing an economic boom. Both are experiencing significant growth in tourism, but in different ways. The one experiencing an economic boom has developed a huge infrastructural network. This is a big advantage when it comes to handling customer traffic. The lack of any human interaction makes it simpler to manage the flow of customers in and out of the venues.


The third case study looks at two smart hotels in the same city, which are experiencing very rapid growth in both the business and population areas. One of them is experiencing a major drop in visitors. This is a problem, as the hotel was previously renowned for attracting high volume visitors. The other smart hotel has a traditional marketing campaign that has not been updated for the recent economic downturn. Both will be having to work closely with a hotel service company that will help them identify potential customer segments that are vulnerable to the drop in hotel occupancy.


A third case study looks at a medium sized, family owned business, which happens to be one of the best established hotels in the city. The owner realizes that something is wrong with the hotel because of an increase in overall footfall and a decline in customers per room. There is a good chance that some of the new rooms will not be occupied, which will hurt revenue. In order to remedy this, the owner is looking into creating a special area on the hotel website that will feature younger guests, as well as attracting new customers by upgrading the amenities available in the main hotel room. He is also looking to expand the hotel into an en suite option, which will allow him to offer more space. These are some of the challenges that face smart hotels, where there may be room for improvement where they are not currently being successful.


A specialised tourism company will be able to help both existing hotels and developers who are planning future developments. They have many resources at their disposal, including in-house social media, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Many hotels today use Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets as a way to advertise and get the word out about their hotel. Social media can also be used to promote a hotel and provide valuable backlinks. The key is to make sure that your hotel service company can understand your hotel’s needs and offer you solutions that can make your hotel successful.